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1Maggie LaCompte5'7DS12
2Kelbi Meiners5'7OH10
3Jenna Hammerbeck5'9MH11
4Ellie Brozik5'8OH11
5Skyler Hansen5'8RH11
6Kalla Bertram5'8OH12
7Marissa Meiners5'4RH11
8Mackenzie Levi5'7S12
9Shannon Calhoon6'0MH12
10 Aleya Miller5'6"OH10
12Rylee Root5'3DS10
14Marlie Schuyler5'7RH12
16Alexis Klein5'6S9
18Hattie Hespe5'7MH11
21Madaline Watzel6'0MH11


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